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MAN Careers: Head of systems engineering for gas turbines


Head of systems engineering for gas turbines

How I arrived at MAN

I had already been in contact with MAN during my doctorate regarding a project concerning the aerodynamic design of gas turbine exhaust diffusers. Following my doctorate, I first started working for a company in the area of filtration engineering. As part of this job, I ended up at a business meeting at MAN. I took advantage of this opportunity, and dropped in on the person who had previously been the supervisor for the PhD project. He informed me that MAN were looking for supervisors at that time. I applied to them, and just a few weeks later I was accepted.

What I currently do at MAN

I manage the systems engineering department in the gas turbines area. On the one hand, our work here involves developing a so-called secondary system for operating a gas turbine and, on the other, we are heavily involved with the implementation of customer projects. So we also work very closely with customers.

MAN Careers: Head of systems engineering for gas turbines Gas turbine MAN Careers: Head of systems engineering for gas turbines

What I am particularly proud of

At MAN we are one of the few manufacturers in Germany, and ultimately worldwide, to develop and produce industrial gas turbines. And in terms of drives with fossil fuels, gas turbines are among the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly of all. I also think it's excellent that, at MAN, I can make a contribution in this way as well.

Why I like working at MAN:

We don't just deal with one small aspect in our department, but are involved from development and design through to implementation or through to commissioning with the customer. We stay with our product, as it were, from the idea all the way to live operation. It is really great to be involved in the whole process.

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