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Cutting machine operator apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Metal cutting mechanic apprenticeship

Do you enjoy being as accurate as possible and are skilled with your hands? Then we might have the perfect apprenticeship career for you. As a cutting machine operator, every hundredth of a millimetre counts, because you are responsible for the production of true-to-size metal parts. To achieve this, you will use different methods and machine tools.

Through their apprenticeship, cutting machine operators are qualified to work on tasks relating to chip machining on turning/milling machines and in machining centres.

Field of application:

Turning or milling machine systems

Your duties will include manufacturing true-to-form and true-to-size components for machines, devices and equipment using turning, milling and drilling operations on conventional or numerically-controlled machine tools. You will use various cutting tools to machine castings and forgings, welded constructions, semi-finished parts and pre-processed components made from metal and non-metal materials.

Cutting machine operators work in accordance with technical documents, plan production progress and write programmes for computer-controlled machines (CNC). They set up turning and milling machines, including the tools and equipment required. They then monitor the production process, test the quality of the components, assess the results of the work and perform quality assurance measures.

These tasks are performed independently, for the production of single parts and small batches in compliance with the relevant standards, safety regulations, documentation and instructions.

Scope of apprenticeship:

  • Setting up turning and milling machines, tools and equipment
  • Aligning and tensioning tools, components and equipment on turning and milling machines
  • Operating and monitoring the turning and milling machines and machining centres
  • Writing, inputting and optimising programmes and manufacturing components on computer-controlled machine tools (CNC)
  • Machining components on conventional turning and milling machines as well as on computer-controlled machine tools
  • Testing components and checking the required quality
  • Re-sharpening, monitoring and repairing all of the tools used
  • Maintaining turning and milling machines

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years
After completing the final examination for stage 1 (approx. 1.5 years), the apprenticeship will continue in the field of turning technology or milling technology. Apprentices who perform strongly may be permitted to sit the examination early.

Your requirements:

  • School leaving certificate with a qualification (Qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss)
  • GCSEs (Mittlere Reife)