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Technical model maker apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Technical modeller apprenticeship

Bringing ideas and plans to life. As a technical model maker, your manual skills, spatial awareness and imagination are needed as you will be producing the corresponding models from technical illustrations – sometimes full-scale, sometimes as true-to-scale miniatures. You will use wood, plastic and resin to manufacture foundry patterns and core boxes. And one thing is already certain: the results of your work will speak for themselves.

Technical model makers specialising in the production of foundry patterns use technical illustrations to manufacture foundry models and core boxes out of wood, plastic and resin.

Your tasks will include producing, altering and repairing foundry patterns, core boxes and pattern plates according to design drawings. To complete these tasks, you will use solid wood, plywood, plastic sheets and various kinds of resin. Technical model makers specialising in foundry patterns mainly produce their parts independently but may also work in groups.

These duties require good spatial awareness and safe handling of woodworking machines and hand tools. A good knowledge of moulding workflows in the foundry is also required.

These tasks are performed in a closed workshop in agreement with foundry specialists and in compliance with certain provisions.

Scope of apprenticeship:

The apprenticeship begins with 12 months of basic apprenticeship in wood- and metalworking, including the manufacture of basic foundry patterns.
The subsequent specialist apprenticeship, which lasts for 2.5 years, includes:

  • Producing foundry patterns and core boxes from wood, plastic and resin
  • Practical experience in the moulding shop and core-making shop
  • Apprenticeship on woodworking machines
  • Learning the basics of CNC control technology and pneumatics

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years