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Metalworker apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Metal worker apprenticeship

Secure apprenticeship that is worth its weight in gold – and become a metalworker at MAN. We will show you how to work with different materials. You will hammer, mill, weld, bend and rivet like there is no tomorrow. Once the parts are ready, you can get to work assembling them and installing the components for whole axles, cabs or even entire HGVs.

As a metal worker, you will carry out chip and chipless machining on a variety of materials. Your range of tasks also includes servicing and maintaining machines and tools. One focus is on using specifications and drawings to assemble various components to make functional units, such as our axles, cabs or entire HGVs.

During your apprenticeship, you will learn:

  • The structure and organisation of a apprenticeship company
  • The principles of occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Manual and mechanical machining, measuring, testing, marking, centre-punching, stamping, filing, grinding, thread cutting, bending, straightening, riveting, drilling, turning, milling and different soldering and welding processes
  • Skills such as planning, preparing, monitoring and evaluating. You will also strengthen your knowledge in these areas.
  • To handle technical documents professionally

Your opportunities for development:

  • A start to your career at one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe
  • An exciting and diverse role, which allows you to use your knowledge and skills to become involved with the company
  • A professional environment with the prospect of taking control of your own development
  • A takeover that complies with the current collective bargaining agreements

Duration of apprenticeship:

Your apprenticeship will last 3 years.

Your requirements:

Applicants with a weaker school performance may undertake this apprenticeship scheme by sitting an aptitude test at the employment agency and then being recommended for the apprenticeship. (§ 66 BBIG - Berufsbildungsgesetz [German Apprenticeship Act])