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Mechatronics engineer apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as an mechatronics technician

Why pick just one profession if you can combine two interesting ones? As a mechatronics engineer, you will be trained in both mechanics and electrical engineering. This is an exciting combination that you certainly won't find boring. Your range of tasks includes assembling and maintaining complex machines, equipment and systems.

A mechatronics engineer's work includes assembling, installing, commissioning and maintaining complex mechanical engineering equipment and systems.

Mechatronics engineers combine knowledge and skills from mechatronics and electrical engineering. In terms of accident prevention regulations, they are considered to be electricians. Mechatronics engineers perform their duties independently at various sites—mainly assembly sites, workshops or in the service area—in accordance with documents or instructions and in compliance with the relevant standards and safety regulations.

Their duties require understanding complex technical functional systems and approaching repair work, which can be mechanical or electrical, in a systematic and logically structured manner. This is where a well-founded expert knowledge of control, feedback and drive technology is required, as well as expertise in handling different machine parts and the various assembly techniques.

The apprenticeship begins with a broad basic apprenticeship in metals technology and electrical engineering. The specialist apprenticeship focuses on assembly techniques and electro-mechanic, electro-pneumatic, electro-hydraulic and electronic control technology.

This specialist apprenticeship also includes a systematic introduction into internal practices with additional apprenticeship activities in specialist workshops.

Comprehensive competencies are also covered, including rational planning and working efficiently, independently and responsibly. In terms of customer focus, the apprenticeship also includes communication, presentation and English language skills as well as understanding other cultures.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years