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Mechatronics engineer with mechanical engineering, with practical experience (Bachelor of Engineering), combined course of study

MAN Careers: Industrial mechanic and mechanical engineering (B.Eng.)

Do you want to follow a solid apprenticeship course or would you rather study? This is not a snap decision that you have to make at MAN. If you enjoy electronics and technology, we offer you the opportunity to get a apprenticeship to become a mechatronics engineer whilst simultaneously studying mechanical engineering at Ostfalia (University of Applied Sciences). This will give you the best possible start to your career and the opportunity to develop in a variety of ways.

After first completing a practical course in apprenticeship at MAN Truck & Bus in Salzgitter, you will begin your studies at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel ( The second and fifth semesters are practical semesters, which you will complete with us at the MAN production site in Salzgitter. After the fifth semester, you will sit the vocational examination organised by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Your studies will then focus more on technical aspects, in consultation with MAN Truck & Bus AG. This is when you will decide which of the three fields of study you wish to pursue, with the associated core and elective modules:

  • Production and logistics
  • Mechatronics
  • Construction and development

During the theoretical stages

Your course of studies is in collaboration with Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The content of your apprenticeship and studies are based on their examination regulations.

Your opportunities for development

After your studies, we will offer you:

  • The opportunity to begin a career at one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers
  • An exciting and diverse role, which allows you to use your experience and contacts to establish yourself within the company
  • A professional environment with an international point of view, which lets you take control of your own development
  • A transfer that complies with the current trade agreements.

Duration of apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship lasts 4 years in total:

  • Core curriculum and apprenticeship: 2.5 years
  • Main course: 1.5 years


  • Good average examination results for the A-levels (Abitur) (2.0) or equivalent
  • Advanced course in mathematics/physics
  • Good written and spoken English
  • Commitment to work at MAN Truck & Bus for at least 4 years

Applications can be made up until 31 January of each year.

With an integrated course of study, you will benefit from many advantages in comparison to the conventional approach to apprenticeship:

  • The best possible start to your career and the opportunity to develop in diverse ways at MAN
  • Job preparation in accordance with the requirements of and changes in your profession
  • Receive specialist apprenticeship
  • Receive constructive apprenticeship based on scientific principles
  • Apply and implement scientific knowledge on a practical level
  • Optional: A semester abroad, to work or study

You will already be gaining valuable practical experience during your studies and you can work independently, make decisions, and make a difference. But that is not all: During this stage, you will also discover what it is that you most like, whilst under the personal and expert supervision of competent staff.

Overall, we offer you an interesting and challenging occupation with many attractive apprenticeship aspects

  • Full integration into day-to-day business
  • Assignments in various specialist departments with different teams
  • Further personal development and continuous learning
  • Participation in strategies that are relevant to your future
  • A good mix of scheduled and project-related tasks in different departments
  • Technical and business management tasks
  • A technical and personal development plan that will be developed with you and adapted to your individual skills and interests
  • Guidance and coaching from experienced members of MAN management