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Construction mechanic apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as a construction mechanic

Bend steel and metal sheets: During your apprenticeship as a construction mechanic, you will learn how to produce individual components from sheet metal, profiles and pipes. In doing so, we will teach you how to read technical drawings, screw components together accurately and master various welding techniques.

Due to their apprenticeship, construction mechanics are qualified to work on tasks related to the manufacture of metal constructions from sheet metal, pipes or profiles. They use technical documents to plan their tasks and produce and assemble a variety of component groups such as cladding, covers, containers, safety guards, units or vehicle bodies. Construction mechanics use various welding processes and joining techniques, in compliance with occupational safety and environmental protection, and select test methods to ensure quality.

hese tasks are performed on either rotating or stationary assembly areas, in enclosed areas or at the customer's premises.

The apprenticeship will teach the core and technical skills specific to this role. Over time, this will become increasingly focused on internal work and business processes. The technical skills encompass manual and mechanical processing techniques, joining and assembly techniques, and modern control technology (pneumatic/hydraulic). Comprehensive competencies are also covered, including rational planning and working efficiently, independently and responsibly. In terms of customer focus, the apprenticeship also includes communication, presentation and English language skills as well as understanding other cultures.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years