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Office management assistant apprenticeship for receptionist/support tasks

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as an office management saleswoman/salesman

Organising things, doing paperwork and supporting the boss – in short, can you make yourself indispensable by apprenticeship as an office management assistant? As, in the future, you will be the one in charge of organising in the office, managing the diary and handling all correspondence – and all of that in a foreign language.

As office management assistant, you will perform internal organisation and management tasks. You will be working in almost every department within the company. The apprenticeship focuses on identifying internal relationships, commercial behaviour and independently planning and implementing tasks.

During your apprenticeship, you will learn how to:

  • Plan office organisation
  • Organise and perform tasks related to data processing and office communication
  • Create rota systems and organisational charts
  • Handle orders and invoices
  • Create presentations
  • Plan and supervise appointments
  • Handle correspondence
  • Correspond and communicate in a foreign language (predominantly English)

Your opportunities for development

After your apprenticeship, we will offer you:

  • The opportunity to begin a career with MAN in accordance with the current trade agreements
  • An exciting and diverse role, which allows you to use your experience and contacts to establish yourself within the company
  • A professional environment with an international perspective, which lets you take control of your own development

Duration of apprenticeship

Your apprenticeship will last 3 years. If you have a corresponding higher education qualification or you perform very well, you can shorten the duration of the apprenticeship.

Your requirements

  • GCSEs
  • A-levels (Abitur)