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Industrial mechanic apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic / saleswoman

If everything works, you have done a great job. As an industrial mechanic, it is your job to commission, maintain and repair a variety of machines. Technical documents will help you see how the machines are assembled. If the assembly has something to do with it, you will grab the appropriate tool and take the matter in hand.

Due to their apprenticeship, industrial mechanics are qualified to work on tasks related to the manufacturing and servicing of machines and production systems.

Their duties may include manufacturing, testing, commissioning, maintaining, examining and repairing engines, machinery, machine tools and special-purpose machines and auxiliary equipment, as well as connecting them to systems. To conduct these tasks, they mainly use semi-finished products, finished parts and standard parts. Industrial mechanics also produce assemblies themselves.

Industrial mechanics work on the production or maintenance of single parts and small batches, independently or as part of a team. Their duties require a precise knowledge of shape and position tolerances and how these affect assembly. Assembly involves applying the principles of how machine parts interact with the function of engines, machinery and special-purpose machines.

These tasks are performed on either rotating or stationary assembly areas, in enclosed areas or on the customer's premises, in compliance with the relevant standards, safety regulations, documentation and instructions.

The apprenticeship teaches the core and technical skills specific to this role. Over time, this will become increasingly focussed on the internal work and business processes within the respective field of application. The technical skills encompass manual and mechanical processing techniques, joining and assembly techniques, and modern control technology (pneumatic/hydraulic). Comprehensive competencies are also covered, including rational planning and working efficiently, independently and responsibly. In terms of customer focus, the apprenticeship also includes communication, presentation and English language skills as well as understanding other cultures.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years