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Industrial business management assistant apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as an industrial salesman / saleswoman

Apprenticeship that opens many doors: As an industrial business management assistant, you can work in every commercial area of a company. Be it purchasing, production, marketing, HR, accounting or sales – you simply have to decide later what appeals to you most.

Industrial business management assistants work in departments of different sizes and with varying duties. Your scope of duties within business management will span all of the functions in the company.

The range of tasks includes materials management as well as HR and accounts auditing, among others. An industrial business management assistant's duties include procuring tenders, negotiating prices and preparing PowerPoint presentations, but also composing and sending business letters. apprentice industrial business management assistants get to know the sub-processes and link the departments' tasks to the bigger picture.

Scope of apprenticeship:

  • Production planning and preparation
  • Logistics and materials management
  • Purchasing
  • Sales
  • Stock management
  • Inventories
  • HR management
  • Knowledge of the system organisation
  • Data processing and user organisation

Apprenticeship in electronic data processing and software programmes such as WinWord, Excel or PowerPoint is provided during the course. The theoretical apprenticeship covers business and political economics, politics, accounting, environmental protection, occupational safety, English, organisation and data processing.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3 years
Apprentices who perform strongly may be permitted to sit the examination early.