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Industrial business management assistant with business economics (Bachelor of Arts), combined course of study

MAN Careers: Forwarding agency salesman / saleswoman and logistics (BA)

Deciding on the next advertising campaign in the marketing department, making a reasonable turnover in the sales department, checking the figures in the accounting department, leading important negotiations in the purchasing department or looking for the right people in the HR department – on this combined course, the pace never lets up. You will get a apprenticeship to become an industrial business management assistant and study business economics at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences at the same time, thus allowing you to secure the best job perspectives.

The combined course of study in business economics provides you with practical apprenticeship at a high academic level. You will be in intensive and close contact with our company from the very beginning. By performing the tasks for which you are responsible, you will get to know the processes and structure of the company very well, which will prepare you for an easy transition into your future line of work.

Target group:

School leavers who perform particularly well and are highly motivated, with the general qualification for entrance to higher education or technical college (A-levels (Abitur) or Fachabitur).

Studying at university:

The course at the university in Augsburg consists of 6 study semesters and 1 practical semester. The practical semester is integrated into the apprenticeship at the company.

Scope of apprenticeship at the company and vocational school:

The core competencies for working as an industrial business management assistant will be taught in accordance with the apprenticeship framework (contextual and chronological structure of the apprenticeship) and the core competencies.

Course admissions:

Participants must apply for a place on the Bachelor course in business economics at the university in Augsburg before the apprenticeship begins. If the applicant fulfils the admission requirements, particularly those set by the numerus clausus, the applicant will be granted a place to study at the university in the winter semester of the following year. Please observe the university selection process as stipulated by the numerus clausus!

Course specialisations:

The course specialisations must be agreed upon with the company.


A period abroad at one of our international sites is possible.

Ongoing employment and repayment clause:

After completing the Bachelor course, the participant must be prepared to accept a term of employment with the company for a minimum of 24 months, if this is offered. If the participant does not accept this employment contract, a (proportional) amount of the grant must be repaid.


In accordance with the Bavarian collective bargaining agreement for the metal and electronics industry

Apprenticeship locations:

  • MAN Energy Solutions SE, Augsburg
  • Vocational School IV, Augsburg
  • University, Augsburg


  • Apprenticeship contract in accordance with Germany’s apprenticeship act
  • Educational contracts detailing the combined course of education


4.5 years

Final qualification:

  • Industrial business management assistant (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Bachelor of Arts