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Foundry operator apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as a foundry mechanic

Forge ahead with this apprenticeship: As a foundry operator, your main task is to manufacture castings using moulding and casting. This is a big job as your castings could easily weigh 1,000 kg. It is therefore important that you know your stuff when it comes to fire-resistant materials and liquid metal. You will also learn the fundamental machining processes within metals technology – and therefore qualify to perform tasks that exceed the duties of a foundry operator. Isn't that a great prospect?

Due to their apprenticeship, foundry operators specialising in manual casting are qualified to conduct tasks involving the production of castings.

The main activity for foundry operators is manufacturing castings by moulding and casting. This encompasses all of the operations for creating a mould that is ready for casting out of fire-resistant moulding material as well as operations for casting the moulds. The castings might weigh more than 1,000 kg and be very large, for example motor housings or side frames for pusher machines. These tasks require specialised skills and knowledge about handling fire-resistant materials and liquid metal, as well as good spatial awareness. Foundry operators specialising in manual casting mainly work in small groups or sometimes independently, with the aid of machinery.

These tasks are performed for the production of single parts and small batches, in compliance with the relevant standards, safety regulations, documentation and instructions.

The apprenticeship begins with 12 months of basic apprenticeship. The first 6 months covers the basics of moulding, melting and casting, while the second half of the year covers the fundamental machining processes. As a result, in their future careers, foundry operators are qualified to perform tasks that exceed their actual job description.

The subsequent specialist apprenticeship, which lasts for 2.5 years, encompasses specific moulding techniques, casting techniques, laboratory testing techniques and practical experience in model building. This specialist apprenticeship includes a systematic introduction into internal practices with additional apprenticeship activities in specialised groups.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years