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Production mechanic apprenticeship (DBFH - Duale Berufsausbildung und Fachhochschulreife [Dual apprenticeship with vocational education])

MAN Careers: Production mechanic apprenticeship (DBFH)

Train in the best company: As a prospective production mechanic, you will be on the go as part of an assembly team, learning how to assemble and produce goods for industrial mass production. The apprenticeship alternates smoothly between theory and practice and you can obtain the qualifications required to attend technical college alongside or after your apprenticeship. It's an excellent idea, isn't it?

The DBFH production mechanic apprenticeship allows you to obtain the qualifications required to attend technical college alongside or after the shortened production mechanic apprenticeship, which lasts for 2.5 years.

During your apprenticeship

You will acquire the knowledge and skills of a production mechanic. These will be taught alternately (3 weeks at the company, 3 weeks at vocational college [Berufsschule]).

During your time at vocational college, we will also teach you the subjects you need to obtain the required qualifications to attend technical college (Fachhochschulreife). After your apprenticeship, which lasts for 2.5 years, you will be in full-time education for 6 months to prepare for the technical college entrance examinations (Fachhochschulreifeprüfung).

Your opportunities for development

After your apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to study, with potential support from MAN


  • The opportunity to begin a career at one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers
  • An exciting and diverse role, which allows you to use your experience and contacts to establish yourself within the company
  • A professional environment with an international perspective, which lets you take control of your own development
  • A transfer that complies with the current trade agreements

Duration of apprenticeship:

The apprenticeship will last for 3 years in total, divided as follows:

  • Production mechanic apprenticeship: 2.5 years, including the knowledge required to attend technical college taught alongside apprenticeship
  • 6 months of full-time teaching in a college of further education (Fachoberschule) followed by the examination to enter technical college (Fachhochschulreife)

Your requirements:

  • GCSEs (Mittlere Reife) or an equivalent recognised educational qualification