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Electronics engineer in devices and systems apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Apprenticeship as electronics technician for equipment and systems

With your eyes on a circuit diagram, soldering iron in hand and the solution in mind: when apprenticeship to become an electronics engineer in devices and systems, you will learn how to manufacture, commission and repair various components and devices. You will usually work as part of a team, although later you will work quite independently.

Electronics engineers for devices and systems manufacture, commission and maintain components and devices.

You will work with devices for information and communication technology, automotive systems, system components, sensors, actuators, micro systems and measurement and testing technology.

These tasks will mainly be performed independently, in development and pilot plants, the after-sales service and when conducting operational maintenance and assembling plants and systems, in compliance with the relevant standards and safety regulations. Electronics engineers for devices and systems coordinate their work with the previous and subsequent stages and often work in a team.

The apprenticeship begins by learning core skills. Over time, it becomes increasingly focused on the technical skills specific to the role that are required in the operational field of application.

The technical skills already include a systematic introduction to the internal practices of the respective business, with the aim of establishing comprehensive competencies including rational planning and working efficiently, independently and responsibly. With regard to future contact with customers, the apprenticeship also includes communication, presentation and English language skills, and understanding other cultures.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years