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Electronics engineer in operating technology apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Electronics technician apprenticeship for industrial engineering

Are you hard-wired to love everything to do with electricity? Then turn this into something more and apply for a apprenticeship position with us as an electronics engineer in operating technology. At MAN, you will be involved in the operating procedure from the outset and learn everything there is to know about operating and maintaining technical systems in a variety of areas. With a view to future placements abroad, you will also improve your English knowledge and gain insights into other cultures.

The tasks include assembling various systems and equipment for electrical power technology, measurement, control and regulation technology, communications technology, signalling technology, drive technology and lighting technology. You will commission or maintain these systems.

Electronics engineers in operating technology perform their duties at different sites, mainly at customers' assembly sites, in workshops or in the service area and adhere to the relevant standards and safety regulations, coordinating their work with previous and subsequent stages.

The apprenticeship will initially focus on core skills. During the course of the programme, the skills being taught will become increasingly technical and specific to the skills the apprentices need for their future operating site. The technical skills specific to this role already incorporate a systematic introduction to internal practices, with the aim of establishing comprehensive competencies including rational planning and working efficiently, independently and responsibly. With regard to future contact with customers, the apprenticeship also includes communication, presentation, English language skills, and understanding other cultures.

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years