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Systems mechanic apprenticeship

MAN Careers: Plant mechanic apprenticeship

Where sparks are flying and sheets of metal are being bent and welded, you are likely to find a systems mechanic at the plant. This could soon be you. We are looking for motivated people who will contribute to the smooth running of our company by keeping our systems in excellent condition. You will also be involved in planning and working on construction sites during your apprenticeship, which will be provided in English as, in the future, your job may entail you needing to work abroad.

The tasks include preparing and assembling welding parts by sawing, shearing, separating, bending or straightening them, using the appropriate welding process and the associated weld metals. You will also re-treat, check and test welded connections in the various fields of application for mechanical engineering, process engineering, supply and power engineering, food technology, materials handling, power plant technology and air-conditioning technology.

Your job as a systems mechanic requires a diligent approach towards your work, a knowledge of mathematics and geometrics, good spatial awareness and good dexterity when handling a range of work equipment.

These tasks are required in the production of single parts and small batches by both individuals and teams, in workshops and at customers' construction sites, in compliance with the relevant standards, safety regulations, documentation and instructions.

Scope of apprenticeship:

  • Instruction in the core and technical skills specific to the role. Over time, this will become increasingly focused on the internal operations and business processes within the respective field of application.
  • Learning manual and mechanical processing techniques, joining and assembly techniques, and modern control technology (pneumatic/hydraulic)
  • Learning how to plan rationally and work efficiently, independently and responsibly
  • Working on MAN Diesel & Turbo SE construction sites while still in apprenticeship in preparation for international employment after apprenticeship is complete
  • Apprenticeship in communication and presentation skills
  • Learning English
  • Strengthening understanding of different cultures

Duration of apprenticeship:

3.5 years

Apprentices who perform strongly may be permitted to sit the examination early.

Entry requirements:

  • School leaving certificate (Hauptschulabschluss)

Apprenticeship location:

Augsburg, Berlin, Hamburg