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Mechanical Engineering / Production and Logistics (Bachelor of Engineering)

MAN Careers: Dual course of study in Mechanical Engineering / Production and Logistics co-operative education

You are not sure whether you should start a solid apprenticeship or start stuying at an university? MAN takes this decision from you. If you like electronics and technology, we offer you the chance to start an apprenticeship to become a mechatronic technician and start studying mechanical engineering at the Ostfalia University of Applied Science, at the same time. This is a perfect way to enter into employment and use the various development potentialities at MAN.

During your practical experience

  • In the production: You will work in the departments for crankshafts and the production of parts of the axis and pipes, furthermore you will gain insight in pioneering topics in the installation of axis and the production lines
  • In the spare parts storage: You will learn about the handling of deliveries to customers around the world
  • In the logistics department: You will get insights in the whole process, beginnig with the arrival of the goods and ending with the delivery to the customer
  • In the controlling department: You will learn about the most important components of the cost controlling and you will work on the supervision of investment projects and the planning of the budget

During your theoretical stages

The Bachelor of Engineering apprenticeship is in collaboration with the Ostfalia University of Applied Science in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. The course contents are based on their examination regulations. For more information, visit the website of Ostfalia University of Applied Science (

Duration of apprenticeship

Your studies with apprenticeship will last 4 years or else 8 terms in total. The first 2,5 years will be spent with the apprenticeship to become a mechatronic at MAN alternating with two semesters (1. and 3. term) at the Ostfalia University of Applied Science. After your apprenticeship graduation in cooperation with the IHK Braunschweig, MAN offers you to spend some time abroad either doing a semester or an internship abroad. In your last 1,5 years you will gain profound knowledge and get insights into different departments.

Your requirements

  • General or subject-specific qualification for entrance to higher education (Allgemeine Hochschulreife)
  • Very good grads in the subjects Mathematics, Physics, German and English
  • Good skills in MS Office
  • Sociable and team-minded person
  • High degree of self-initiative and structured and targeted methods
  • Ambition for technical problems



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