MAN Energy Solutions in Oberhausen

MAN Careers: Sales engeneer gas turbines


Sales engineer

How I arrived at MAN

Friends told me about MAN. However, I already knew of it as an interesting engineering company with great products.

What I currently do at MAN

We actually produce products which I would describe as systems used for the production of fertiliser. These ultimately also ensure the earth's food supply. I am employed as a sales engineer. This involves working with customers directly, receiving requests, preparing quotations and also travelling to customers to explain quotations, which means I also work around the world.

MAN Careers: Sales engeneer gas turbines MAN Careers: Sales engeneer gas turbines MAN Careers: Sales engeneer gas turbines

What I am particularly proud of

I enjoy selling exciting products which are tailored specifically to customer needs. They are technically complex and also have to be explained to customers. We do not simply have a standard product. Instead, we face technical challenges which need to be overcome. I am proud to be able to regularly help customers to understand this technology.

Why I like working at MAN:

Here I really am able to collaborate on exciting projects and thus work with others on shaping the future.

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