MAN Truck & Bus Sales, Berlin

MAN Careers: MAN Truck & Bus Sales, Berlin



How I arrived at MAN

I graduated from high school in 2008 and was looking for an apprenticeship as an automotive salesman. My father before me had worked in the commercial vehicle business - thus, it was clear that I was going to deal with trucks too. I applied to all competitors in Berlin, but my favourite was MAN. And finally, I succeeded.

What I currently do at MAN

I work as a truck salesman. Prior to that, I was introduced to commercial skills and procedures as part of the order processing team. Unlike when I did a desk-bound job, I can now freely manage my day and time and thus, work independently as an employee - at home, in the office or at the customers' premises. This is something I wouldn't give up any more. Furthermore, I am constantly dealing with new people. It is important to be open and able to get along with various people. This is not an 8 am to 6 pm job.

MAN Careers: MAN Truck & Bus Sales, Berlin MAN Careers: MAN Truck & Bus Sales, Berlin

What I am particularly proud of

It is great to work for such a big company. Being responsible for my success and remuneration myself encourages me every single day. Of course it makes me proud when I even exceed the targets agreed upon.

Why I like working at MAN:

I have a job which never gets boring. Another thing I particularly like is the way team members get along with each other at MAN. Customers also notice this. This is evident when I hear managers say their drivers prefer us. It is crucial to me that on Sundays I can say "It is Monday and time to do some business again." instead of "Oh no, it's Monday again."

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